Keep Cool and Help the Earth

Staying cool throughout the hot, muggy summer months while giving the environment a break is attainable if you consider a solar air conditioning unit for your home in place of the electrical unit. The biggest advantage is that the power to cool your home is free!

Can I Cool My Home Using Solar?

There are a few things you should consider before making the investment into a solar air conditioner, but the general answer to this question is yes!

Homeowners should think about how much sun their geographical location receives each summer. Hot sunny climates are perfect locations for air conditioners powered by solar energy because the sun is out most of the time. However, for those cloudy days, a hybrid system can kick in to keep your home cool.

Decide ahead of time how cool you want to keep your home. Also, you must consider the square footage of your home in order to determine the type of solar AC system you will need to cool your home.

Of course, as with any investment into your home, you will need to consider the cost, which can range between a few thousand dollars to as much as $50,000. Keep in mind however that an investment like this into your home will not only benefit you over the next several years financially, but will also reduce your environmental footprint.

What Types of Solar Air Conditioners Are Available?

Researchers, engineers, and scientists are consistently discovering and revealing new technologies that will enable homeowners to power their homes more efficiently while being kind to the environment. Solar power AC units are in that category with new technologies emerging as knowledge of solar power increases all the time.

* Passive Cooling Technology
* Photovoltaic Solar
* Solar Dessicant

Why Should I Switch to Solar Air Conditioning?

The reasons you should consider switching to a solar powered AC unit are pretty convincing. First, the sun’s energy is completely free! The costs associated with cooling your home will be reduced significantly.

No chemicals are used to power a solar air conditioner, so both you and the environment benefit from clean, renewable energy cooling your home.

Several states in the U.S. offer cash incentives and rebates to homeowners willing to use solar power AC systems. You’ll automatically increase the value of your home by installing a solar AC system, which in turn increases the resale value of your home should you ever decide to relocate.

Are There Drawbacks to Using Solar AC Systems?

Yes, there are a few, but the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks. Geographical locations that experience cloudy conditions more often than sunny conditions may want to consider adding a battery backup system. It’s an additional cost, but one that is essential if you want a cool home during cloudy days.

Minimal cleaning and maintenance is required for a solar air conditioner, which is the same as your electric one.

The cost of installing a solar cooling option may cost too much for some homeowners no matter how little time it takes to recoup the initial cost.

Overall, a solar air conditioner is something to consider if you’re interested in making your home more environmentally friendly and the idea of cooling your home for free sounds good to you!