Natural vs Manmade Power Resources – Pros And Cons

Electricity or natural forms of energy are essentials for domestic and commercial establishments. Even portable appliances are available for short-term uses. Usually, one would find two options, including the electric generator or eco-friendly sources. The latter includes appliances as solar panels and wind turbines. The former consists of highly advanced generators that are traditionally famous. […]

Solar Powered Generators

A solar powered generator may be used to operate all of the electric-powered machines and lighting at home. It is the same as every other electrical generator, nonetheless it uses the solar energy for electric power output. What are the parts of this kind of generator? Any solar powered generator contains the subsequent aspects: 1. […]

Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar generators are used when regular electrical power is unavailable, such as during a power outage or on a camping trip. These units collect energy from the sun’s rays and convert it to electrical current, which is then stored for future use on a 12-volt battery. This power may be used to run small […]

Solar Generators For Homes

Solar generators convert solar energy into electricity using a collection of solar cells. These cells also known as photovoltaic cells and are placed in solar panels. These panels are usually fitted onto roofs but they can also be installed as free standing devices away from the house. As long as you live in a fairly […]

About Generators

Solar powered generators are gaining popularity among individuals who want to find easy and accessible ways to use renewable energy and it consists of some basic components that include solar panels, an inverter, and a deep cycle battery. It is 77 feet by 50 feet and tracks the sun to produce 72 kilowatts of electricity […]

Creating a solar generator

Solar generators could be our way out of the trench of negative facts we read every day. Increasing global demand for power, daily warnings about our environment, ever increasing carbon gases emitted from fossil fuel. The world is gradually heading towards a severe energy crisis that we cannot ignore any longer. Whether you are seeking […]