Benefits Of Solar Powered Lighting

Solar panels, equipment and lighting utilize the sun’s rays in order to produce energy and ultimately this is transformed into a usable power source to light a person’s house, work area or backyard. Essentially solar panels collect the light coming from the sun and change it into electrical power that is then kept in rechargeable […]

Different Categories Of Solar Outdoor Lighting

One of the best ways to keep the home safe from various intruders is by installing outdoor lighting. It will not only increase the security of your home, but will also help to change the view and will give a captivating view. Installing outdoor lighting these days is a trend and many people prefer solar […]

Elegant Solar Powered Lighting

If you have ever thought about lighting in your yard, you have probably thought about solar lights. Landscape lighting is probably the most popular outdoor home improvement project around. Most home builders do not provide landscape lighting and most home owners do not want to deal with a contractor to install low voltage systems, all […]

Laptop Friendly Backpack

Every year it seems that new technology, new gizmos and gadgets are added to the must-have list. We live in the electronic era and depend on being connected, online and having the power of microprocessors at our finger tips. The evolution of technology and cascading addition of multiple electronic gadgets has changed lives, behaviors and […]

The Right Solar Bag Or Solar Backpack

So you’ve had a busy day of meetings and you’ve been calling the office, your suppliers, your friends, your family and now its time to catch the train back home. You buy your ticket, find your seat, make yourself comfortable and ready to chill with your favourite tunes on your iPhone. You press play and […]

Solar Powered Backpacks

How many times have you been in a situation where you found your portable electronic device with a dead battery? Most of the time this happens is during the worst possible times. When you desperately need to make a call, you reach for your phone to find that the battery is dead. If you’re a […]